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Visual Metaphor

I saved this photo from the day in Birmingham until last (coincidentally it was the last picture I made that day), because it fit in quite nicely with a conversation about visual metaphor I was having with another photographer. It just so happens that I had taken the above photo a couple of days before […]


I don’t often take pictures with people in them, not as often as I’d like anyway. And even rarer is the picture I take of myself. But this one jumped out at me as I walked past a shop window early one Sunday morning. This is how I feel, half the person that I could […]

It’s that pillbox again!

I’m quite drawn to this pillbox. There’s another one about 100 metres away in the middle of a field…but horses are kept there and I don’t want to spook them with flashguns. I can’t really imagine a couple of pillboxes stopping the might of the German army if they’d made it over here…but what do […]