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Visual Metaphor

I saved this photo from the day in Birmingham until last (coincidentally it was the last picture I made that day), because it fit in quite nicely with a conversation about visual metaphor I was having with another photographer. It just so happens that I had taken the above photo a couple of days before […]

A Day in Birmingham, pt 5

. . .

Sculpture at Rousham

Dotted around the beautiful grounds of Rousham Manor are a myriad of statues and sculpture…some of them quite Gothic! . . . . . .


I went to Rousham at the weekend. Even though I have lived in Oxfordshire for twelve years or so, I have never visited this William Kent landscaped garden. What a pleasant surprise the visit was…an extremely peaceful experience, with loads of fantastic photo opportunities (I’ll definitely go back!) and a lovely bike ride from Banbury […]

A morning in Oxford (ii)

I wasn’t really pleased with the edit of the image I did below…so decided to edit the RAW file and upload the saved .jpg from that rather than the edit from the original .jpg (the camera saves a RAW file and .jpg simultaneously — for web work I normally just do a quick edit on […]

A morning in Oxford (i)

I got up at 5am Sunday to head into Oxford to take some pictures before the place was full of people. Two reasons I didn’t want people — I wanted to get some pictures of Oxford landmarks without random tourists appearing…and OXford when it’s full of people isn’t a very pleasant place! Anyway, three hours […]