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A Day in Birmingham, pt 2

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I don’t often take pictures with people in them, not as often as I’d like anyway. And even rarer is the picture I take of myself. But this one jumped out at me as I walked past a shop window early one Sunday morning. This is how I feel, half the person that I could […]

Godstow Lock

Sunshine on a Rainy Day

A Morning in Oxford (v)

These are the last two, for the moment, from my morning stroll around Oxford. Yes, I know everyone and his dog has taken that picture of the punts from Magdalen Bridge (below)…it’s kind of hard to resist!

College Window

The Grand Bridge

The Grand Bridge with arcaded superstructure and drumhead finials as planned by Vanbrugh was never completed and today, only an elevation plan survives. Bartholomew Peisley, the mason who built the bridge, under Vanbrugh’s direction, was ‘very proud and overjoyed’, when in 1710 the main arch, 101 feet (almost 31 metres) wide, was keyed. Not sure […]