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Zee Vision

Yeah, it’s blurry — 8 secs handheld…whaddya expect!

Godstow Lock

物の哀れ – Mono no Aware

Translating “Mono no Aware” loosely as a “sensitivity of ephemera” I think we sometimes forget at how fragile, how transient we are as human beings. We attach so much importance to things, we worry about things that really don’t matter, we have to have the latest in fashion etc…maybe we need to concentrate more on […]

Flying Saucer

The Fair came to Town

Well, it was the first Monday and Tuesday after the 1st September (St. Giles Day), so the fair came to town once again. Normally I try to avoid it like the plague, but thought I’d wander down and take a couple of pictures. In the image above, there are actually people in the middle of […]