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Misty Morning

Hoar Frost

It’s been pretty cold on the cut (and all over Britain to be fair) just lately…in fact we’ve been iced in for almost a couple of weeks now, which is exceptionally early! The ice is already about three inches thick (or maybe a bit more by now!) and due to the moisture in the air […]


This isn’t a new image in that it was taken some time ago (maybe 18 months) on a cold, frosty day in Gent. I’ve chosen it, and the title, for a couple of reasons. I love how the leaf is a miniature tree in it’s own right.


I love taking photographs at night…that may seem to be an oxymoron, photography meaning ‘writing with light’ and there not being much light at night…but the accumulation of light over time can give some quite surreal results — and then you can help it along a bit by introducing artificial light.

It was beautiful while it was white

Snow joke!

It’s been a bit cold of late…

Living on a boat with only a small stove at one end, it can get a bit chilly…especially when the temperature gets below -2 or -3C. The recent spell of cold weather has resulted in ice up to 10cm thick around Oxford!