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Is it just me, or do the colours this autumn seem even more impressive? Trees are positively glowing in the gorgeous light we are having at the moment…I just don’t seem to be able to do it all justice! . . . .

A Walk along Ninglinspo

A recent trip to friends’ in Bruxelles took us down to just south of Li├Ęge for a walk in the Ardennes. Details of the trip (including a map!) can be found on Mike Padgett’s site in an entry called Ninglinspo — he’s got a lot more interesting walks listed! After an early start to drive […]

Star Shaped

Cereal Crop

No cropping on this image!


I’d never seen one of these butterflies before, and nor had the couple walking the towpath in front of me…then we saw another about ten metres away! Extremely well camouflaged (probably why we’d not spotted them before) they were the only two I saw all afternoon.

Clock Dandelion


This isn’t a new image in that it was taken some time ago (maybe 18 months) on a cold, frosty day in Gent. I’ve chosen it, and the title, for a couple of reasons. I love how the leaf is a miniature tree in it’s own right.