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I went to Rousham at the weekend. Even though I have lived in Oxfordshire for twelve years or so, I have never visited this William Kent landscaped garden. What a pleasant surprise the visit was…an extremely peaceful experience, with loads of fantastic photo opportunities (I’ll definitely go back!) and a lovely bike ride from Banbury […]

Journey to Work

I am lucky to be have a variable distance option to work, depending on how far I take the train in the morning. If I’m tired, I have a six mile each way bike journey at the other end, if I’m not, my preferred route is 12 miles each way. It’s a rural route…i.e. small […]

Harvest Time

It’s getting to that time of year again when you notice that it doesn’t stay light until bed time and farmers are working round the clock to bring in the first of the cereal crop harvests. I must say that I rather like the change from Summer into Autumn…it’s like Nature breathes out and relaxes. […]


I’ve got an iPhone…it’s not the best phone in the world (the aerial seems particularly poor at getting a good signal) and I’m not one of these people who downloads all kinds of Apps…but one did catch my eye — Hipstamatic. This App tries to mimic the old style films/processes of days gone by…slightly ironic […]

Bike Ride

Some time ago, my boat was hit by another…a hire boat. It was a hell of a collision, so I phoned the hire company up and reported it and we agreed on a sum for the damage caused. Anyway, I decided to get off my arse and go and pick up the cheque this weekend. […]

Green Lane

If only all roads were like this! This is part of the National Cycle Network, Route 5, which keeps cyclists away from the danger, noise and smell of traffic…lovely!