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Misty Morning

Hoar Frost

It’s been pretty cold on the cut (and all over Britain to be fair) just lately…in fact we’ve been iced in for almost a couple of weeks now, which is exceptionally early! The ice is already about three inches thick (or maybe a bit more by now!) and due to the moisture in the air […]

A Day in Birmingham, pt 3

. . I actually went for a ride on the trip boat above…a bit of a busman’s holiday I guess, but it allowed me to see another part of the canal whilst sat down! . .

A Day in Birmingham

I went up to Birmingham the other week. Generally, when I felt the ‘urban urge’, I had gone to London, but being in Banbury means that Birmingham is that little bit nearer. Plus it’s cheaper to get to. And I’d not ever been there before. The primary aim was to visit the canal area there […]


A lantern, which hangs from the tiller of my boat.

Lift Bridge

A Morning in Oxford (v)

These are the last two, for the moment, from my morning stroll around Oxford. Yes, I know everyone and his dog has taken that picture of the punts from Magdalen Bridge (below)…it’s kind of hard to resist!