New Stuff

New Stuff, Old Stuff…what’s the difference?

Well, I guess the main difference is in the way I’m working…most of the old stuff was taken on film (although there are a smattering of digital compact images) and the new stuff is entirely digital, having bought myself a digital SLR.

It’s been fun and sometimes frustrating having to relearn some aspects of the technical side of photography…and although I’ll miss pulling a fibre-based black and white print from the developer for that special look it has, I won’t miss the smell of the chemicals, the backache I always seemed to get after a couple of hours in a darkroom and the lack of an ‘Undo’ button!


  1. Emma says:

    For every pool reflects the sky.. As above so below.. then welcome in the rainbow.. Em

  2. Bella says:

    Hello H.

    I have just looked at your pictures (linked from Twitter) and while I like them, I can’t decide whether your self portraits are political or introspective. The King one is good :), but the anker?

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