A Day in Birmingham

Urban Graffiti

I went up to Birmingham the other week. Generally, when I felt the ‘urban urge’, I had gone to London, but being in Banbury means that Birmingham is that little bit nearer. Plus it’s cheaper to get to. And I’d not ever been there before. The primary aim was to visit the canal area there (Birmingham has more miles of canal than Venice!), but I can see that it’s going to be a city that I visit more and more often!

Locking Through

These first pictures from my ‘day out’ are mainly canal pictures with a couple of others thrown in. Just things that caught my eye as I wandered around…no real intention other than that!

Worn Steps

The Birmingham network is amazing — the canal was there a long time before a lot of the modern architecture…

Old Meets New

…luckily enough of the old remains!

Tunnel Arches

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  1. jax says:

    Brilliant. Particularly like ‘More Old and New’ and ‘Worn Steps’ and ‘Under Modern Architecture’. I like the way you see things.

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