Untold Story




Feelings Outside in — To A…

You burst into my life like fresh water spring gushing
out into the driest desert
And showed me a love that was so high that it could
touch the clouds as they breezed by,
It was so wide that it could reach from one side of the
ocean to the other, so strong that like the mighty oak,
it could not be swayed
It was so vast that space could not contain it, so
beautiful that even the butterfly was uncomfortable to
open its wings next to it…

But however much I desired it, it was not mine to keep
and you took it back

I fell from the clouds, down, so deep that my feet
burned below me, my world became so thin that I could
not even expand my chest to take a breath.
I became weak like a dry twig beneath the feet of all
those who passed by
My world contracted, smaller and smaller until it
fitted into the smallest, darkest void which had
appeared in my heart.
Darkness engulfed me bearing down with the weight of
a thousand storm clouds
Your light was no longer there to show me the way

I let you down my Friend for which I will be forever
sorry… — C

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