The Fair came to Town



Well, it was the first Monday and Tuesday after the 1st September (St. Giles Day), so the fair came to town once again. Normally I try to avoid it like the plague, but thought I’d wander down and take a couple of pictures.

In the image above, there are actually people in the middle of that ‘starburst’! Forgive the slight bur…handheld for just over 5 seconds!




  1. cheeky (little) bud says:

    The Fair Came to Town No. 1 – I love ths photo. However, I can’t get UFO out of my head…:/

  2. Mike says:

    Are we softening a bit, Uncle 8ch? Are we letting all this sweet-wrapper colour warm our winkles now autumn is frisking us like a damp dog?

  3. 8ch says:

    Sir, thank you for your kind comments…an opinion that is readily received and taken to heart!

    You may well be correct…maybe the Old Dog is mellowing in his own way, becoming less black as the years march relentlessly on… Maybe I am searching for an inner peace, or rather letting the peace that is inside have more control.

    Colour? Well, so much easier with the DSLR…BUT, I have recently purchased a film camera, so maybe I have a few edgy B+Ws left in me yet…

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