It’s that pillbox again!

Through the Pillbox Window

Through the Pillbox Window

I’m quite drawn to this pillbox. There’s another one about 100 metres away in the middle of a field…but horses are kept there and I don’t want to spook them with flashguns. I can’t really imagine a couple of pillboxes stopping the might of the German army if they’d made it over here…but what do I know!

So, I’ve got an idea to use this and similar locations to do something a bit different…what I’m trying to do it to create an image that could be a still from a film. You don’t know the story leading up to it, or forwards from it…but I hope it’ll give you cause for thought.


  1. Alma says:

    I love this photo

  2. 8ch says:

    Thank you…minus 5C that night…but you have to suffer for your art!

  3. Alma says:

    Perhaps you should make a blue one too -brrrr..

    Don’t worry, Spring is coming -promise!

  4. Mort Bones says:

    is that your chest in the window? A friend of mine suggested it might be…..

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