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Behind Bars

Not as bad as it seems — taken from a balcony at the Tate Modern, where I went to see the Exposure exhibition.

Keep Clear

Every now and again I like to become part of the image…sometimes it is purely for fun, sometimes there is a message (internal rather than external)…but naturally over time the meaning can and does change. That is the wonderful thing about photography…an image can have so many different meanings depending on who is looking at […]

Flora at Rousham

As well as the beautiful landscaped gardens with water features and sculpture, there is also a large kitchen garden. Wandering through this is like being in a perfumers! . . .

Sculpture at Rousham

Dotted around the beautiful grounds of Rousham Manor are a myriad of statues and sculpture…some of them quite Gothic! . . . . . .


I went to Rousham at the weekend. Even though I have lived in Oxfordshire for twelve years or so, I have never visited this William Kent landscaped garden. What a pleasant surprise the visit was…an extremely peaceful experience, with loads of fantastic photo opportunities (I’ll definitely go back!) and a lovely bike ride from Banbury […]

Journey to Work

I am lucky to be have a variable distance option to work, depending on how far I take the train in the morning. If I’m tired, I have a six mile each way bike journey at the other end, if I’m not, my preferred route is 12 miles each way. It’s a rural route…i.e. small […]

Wilted Rose