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I was wearing trousers…

Star Shaped

The Journey Home

For the last few months I have been commuting to work by train and bicycle. This gives me a few minutes to just sit and stare out of the window (on the train part that is!). It’s a lovely journey heading north from Oxford, following the route of the South Oxford Canal. Just north of […]

Puppet Exhibition

There is a lovely exhibition on at the Banbury Museum — The Magic of Masks and Puppets. So I took the chance to wander around, glad to have the exhibition to myself… Although the exhibition only occupies a small area, it does cover quite a wide time scale of puppetry, from early Chinese puppets right […]


A lantern, which hangs from the tiller of my boat.


Yeah, clich├ęd to hell, but I couldn’t help myself! Wasn’t in the best of moods either.