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Visual Metaphor

I saved this photo from the day in Birmingham until last (coincidentally it was the last picture I made that day), because it fit in quite nicely with a conversation about visual metaphor I was having with another photographer. It just so happens that I had taken the above photo a couple of days before […]

Behind Bars

Not as bad as it seems — taken from a balcony at the Tate Modern, where I went to see the Exposure exhibition.

Horse Soup


I’d never seen one of these butterflies before, and nor had the couple walking the towpath in front of me…then we saw another about ten metres away! Extremely well camouflaged (probably why we’d not spotted them before) they were the only two I saw all afternoon.

Red Kite

This was taken not far from the M40, just after it has left the Chilterns and entered the flatlands of Oxfordshire. Normally you are tripping over the Red Kites down there…but typically as soon as I rock up, they all decide to call it a day!