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A Day in Birmingham, pt 2

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A Day in Birmingham

I went up to Birmingham the other week. Generally, when I felt the ‘urban urge’, I had gone to London, but being in Banbury means that Birmingham is that little bit nearer. Plus it’s cheaper to get to. And I’d not ever been there before. The primary aim was to visit the canal area there […]


Yeah, clich├ęd to hell, but I couldn’t help myself! Wasn’t in the best of moods either.

Behind Bars

Not as bad as it seems — taken from a balcony at the Tate Modern, where I went to see the Exposure exhibition.

Keep Clear

Every now and again I like to become part of the image…sometimes it is purely for fun, sometimes there is a message (internal rather than external)…but naturally over time the meaning can and does change. That is the wonderful thing about photography…an image can have so many different meanings depending on who is looking at […]

Zee Vision

Yeah, it’s blurry — 8 secs handheld…whaddya expect!

Radcliffe Square