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The Grand Bridge

The Grand Bridge with arcaded superstructure and drumhead finials as planned by Vanbrugh was never completed and today, only an elevation plan survives. Bartholomew Peisley, the mason who built the bridge, under Vanbrugh’s direction, was ‘very proud and overjoyed’, when in 1710 the main arch, 101 feet (almost 31 metres) wide, was keyed. Not sure […]

The Column of Victory

The 40 metre Doric Column of Victory was completed in 1730 at a cost of £3000. The guy on top is the 1st Duke of Marlborough.

The Perils of Night Photography…

I really underexposed this shot…even though it received 7 minutes! The moon went behind clouds during the exposure, cutting the light levels to near nothing. I was aiming for a dark and moody image, but I think it would have been far easier to achieve with more histogram to work with!